Who We Are

e2mp is conceptualized and designed by Paaryal FinTech Services. One stop marketplace for fund raising and community networking for private investments.

e2mp is a FinTech Platform facilitating stakeholders to showcase their product and services.

Empowering Stakeholders with powerful tools to find matches for evaluating commercial transactions and ongoing commercial Activities.

Raising Finance (through equity and debt) and many more opportunities

Fund Raising Industry

Fundraising or fund-raising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies.

Our Stakeholders

Existing stakeholders include Private Investors, Companies seeking funds and Service Providers/ Intermediaries.

Networking Opportunities

Stakeholders can connect through various events and publications and have an opportunity to secure products and services on concessional terms

Network Size and Reach

Team Members

Growing steadily


Growing steadily

Happy Clients

Growing steadily

Media Managment

Growing steadily


Growing steadily


Growing steadily

Advance Features!

Stake Holders

Private investors (like family offices, HNIs, Hedge funds, private lenders, venture capital funds, private equity, Angel Investors, SPAC, etc), Accelerators, Mentors

Companies seeking funding & Foreign institutions offering instruments eligible for LRS.

Intermediaries/Service providers (like, Lawyers, accountants, valuation experts, marketing experts, Technology Advisors, Portfolio managers, Philanthropic Institutions, luxury goods retailers, art galleries, real estate brokers)

Opportunities for Stakeholders

Showcase investment opportunities, service portfolio, participate at thought leadership events, reduced cost (in terms of time and money) of raising funds, sharing due diligence fees and other cost associated to the investment transaction, share philanthropic ideas, monetizing from luxury goods and art, and many more rewarding benefits, etc.

Engagement through the platform by stakeholders.

Securing Membership - monthly, quarterly, annual - under one of the categories (like bronze, silver, gold and platinum). **For Free by Invitation for limited period**

Use of technology

Empower yourself with the powerful tools to get seamless services and solutions for networking and business growth.


Check out what our client says about us

Rahul A

This company has well-equipped and professional staff, they work with complete dedication and they always adhere to timings and completion of task with precision. I was able to witness the smooth functioning and professionalism of the team. I would definitely recommend the services for all who ask.

Sidney F

The assignment went well, the team and the management were very clear and precise on their needs from us. I've never seen such professionalism and smooth functioning. Overall, I loved the services and would definitely recommend them.

Bhavesh S

I have rarely come across any business such like yours that has truly understood my business needs and the satisfaction received is beyond my expectations. The Consultants have demonstrated in-depth and practical knowledge. They were very diligent, clear and precise to what they had in mind. As well as I'd like to mention their effective time management and their promptness to answer questions.

Rajan J

It was a great experience working with them. The team showed professional work attitude. They were all very knowledgeable and quick to work on the task at hand. I look forward to working with you'll again.

Omkar P

When I searched for Investment Support services, I came across them. I confess I was a bit doubtful but then I tried them out, now I can say with surety that I am thoroughly impressed, the entire service was smooth functioning. I would definitely recommend them to my acquaintances as well.

Shreyansh D

The assignment was well managed and the team is completely professional and trustworthy, the communication was smooth flowing. The assignment was managed with efficiency and the team were cautious about their deadlines and definitely adhered to it. Overall I liked the experience and admire their consistency.

Dilip P

I engaged for services with them and I must say I'm truly impressed with the knowledge they have. The Consultants were very prompt and accurate with their answers. They have exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend working with them, especially if you are interested in domestic and foreign investment. I'm satisfied and looking forward to avail more consults from you.